Kea Divers provides scuba diving sessions for everyone, starting from children 8 years old to adults who have reached 75 years of age yet feel youthful and healthy.

Even if you have never tried before, now you have the chance to discover scuba diving, here in Kea!!

Regardless whether you are experienced or not, Kea Divers can customize the ideal program for you, following the internationally acknowledged high standards set by PADI.

Even for technical divers Kea Divers can guide and support you, to conduct demanding deep wreck expeditions to the worldwide famous wrecks in the area.

If however you do not feel ready to scuba dive, Kea Divers can take you for a snorkeling trip around the island with their speedboats to any of the 20 or so most remote beaches of Kea, accessible only by boat. For example, you can visit the famous archeological site of Karthea, on the southeastern coast of the island, where you can walk around the temples and go snorkelling above the exquisite ancient peer, sunken below the surface of the water, very close to the shoreline. Kea Divers can take you also to nearby islands for daily trips, or just do private speedboat transfers.

Kea Divers has been diving and sailing in Kea for many years, and they are familiar with every hidden corner, every cave, wreck and reef, as well as all the secret tiny beaches around the island.

You just need a few supplies, some drinks, some snacks to enjoy the perfect day, to remember all our lives!!

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